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Today’s Google Doodle celebrating ‘Nkosi Johnson’

TODAY’S Google Doodle denotes the amazing accomplishments of Nkosi Johnson, a kid who entranced a 10,000-in number crowd uncovering his existence with “full-blown AIDS”.

The South African activist was only 12 years of age when he passed on, turning into the longest-enduring kid brought into the world with HIV in the nation at that point.

Xolani Nkosi was born HIV-positive in Johannesburg, South Africa, on this day in 1989. An public relations officer named Gail Johnson before long embraced Nkosi from an AIDS care center with his mom’s blessing. Together, Gail and Nkosi started their notable battle against the autoimmune disease. .

At the point when it became time for Nkosi to go to class, he confronted discrimination due to his contamination.

Accordingly, his foster mother sorted out workshops that informed the South African people group about AIDS, and her endeavors drove Parliament to pass legislation that necessary schools to maintain anti-discrimination approaches that secured kids like Nkosi.

This milestone choice started Nkosi to talk openly about what it resembles to be a kid with AIDS.

Crowds the world over heard his discourses, which helped destigmatize the worldwide point of view on those influenced by the disease. Together with Gail, they set up Nkosi’s Haven, a NGO still active today that gives a protected home and healthcare for families influenced by AIDS.

Shockingly, Nkosi died in 2001 at 12 years old. Out of appreciation for his bravery, the KidsRight association made the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2005.

Every year the honor—a “Nkosi” statuette, is — given to a youthful champ celebrated for promoting children’s rights.

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