Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates the Lunar New Year 2020

Happy Lunar New Year!

In parts of Asia, each lunar year is spoken to by one of twelve animals in the revolution of the zodiac calendar—and 2020 is the Year of the Rat.

The present animated Doodle celebrates one of the most huge cultural holidays for Asian people group, the observance of the Lunar New Year.

It delineates the narrative of the grand race that earned the rat its premier spot in the calendar.

As per ancient legend, a head provoked various creatures to race through the land to decide their request in the zodiac.

Because of his size, the rat realized it couldn’t cross a river all alone, so he hitched a ride on the ox’s back. Be that as it may, just before arriving at the contrary shore over a river, the rat at that point cleverly leapt off—winning first place in the race and accordingly the zodiac calendar.

Frequently saw as an open door for fresh starts, this multi-day celebration assembles friends and family to share some delectable nian gao, tang yuan, and jiao zhi as everybody wishes each other happiness and prosperity!

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