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Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Brazilian singer ‘Noel Rosa’s 109th Birthday’

The present Doodle celebrates the 109th birthday celebration of the adored Brazilian singer and lyricist Noel Rosa. Known as the “Poeta da Vila” (Poet from Vila), his observational and comedic style earned him a unique spot throughout the entire existence of samba, the prevalent music of the Brazilian people.

Born in the Vila Isabel neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro on this day in 1910, Rosa experienced childhood in a melodic family.

He began playing the mandolin at age 13 and before long took in the guitar also.

A talented student, he entered medical school in 1931. Nonetheless, when he needed to pick among medicine and music, Rosa’s decision turned out to be clear.

Rosa committed his energy to composing music and made his very own style of samba by blending clever lyrics in with eccentric twists and turns of melody and bridging the gap between provincial Afro-Brazilian customs and the sound of urban nightlife.

He had his achievement with “Com que roupa?,” which got probably the greatest hit in 1931 in Brazil and the first of numerous essential songs.

With his songwriting accomplice Vadico, he likewise composed a progression of famous structures, for example, “Feitiço da Vila” (“Witchcraft of the Villa”) and “Feitio de Oração” (“In the Form of a Prayer”).

Making around 260 melodies over a time of eight years, Rosa built up an assortment of work that has stayed popular ’til the present time.

His legacy lives on in the hearts of cariocas (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro) and samba lovers around the globe.

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