The Backstory Behind Cardi B’s Couture Grammys Nice Look

Cardi B is one of the greatest stars to hit the Grammys celebrity lane. Tonight, the rapper is nominated for a whopping seven nominations, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Rap Album. So the weight for her to convey a genuine look on celebrity central was on, particularly since she as of now figures out how to do as such in her everyday life. She certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, she shut down the whole night.

Serving observers on somewhat of a history exercise, Cardi wore an archival look from Mugler’s Fall 1995 Couture show, initially appeared at the Cirque d’Hiver, a famous setting in Paris, as a component of the label’s then-20th anniversary party. It was all excessively over-the-top and filled with exquisite showmanship; Mugler’s signature sculptural suits mixed in with theatrical coats and hats and gloves

Cardi’s look? It was a redden glossy silk sheath skirt, which began at the floor and fanned out at the abdomen, framing a kind of petal shape, as if Cardi was blooming from it. Also, as it were, the announcement piece filled in as an allegory; the artist’s star is in full bloom right now. She wore it just how it appeared on the runway, too: with a sequin bodysuit that had a nude overlay, acting almost like a second skin, and long pink satin gloves. Around her neck and waist and twisted around her bouffant bun were strands of pearls that accentuated the ensemble’s throwback vibe. A fashion throwback to win all throwbacks.

The display didn’t finish there. Cardi stunned fans further by strolling the carpet covering with Offset, demonstrating that the couple, who as of late enjoyed a reprieve, are completely back on. He guaranteed everyone’s eyes were on his significant other: the Migos part wore a dark coat in pulverized velvet and dark jeans, giving an unobtrusive trace of thrive with a white unsettled best underneath. Obviously, he didn’t go without his signature drip, though: layers and layers of shining necklaces rounded out this look. Combined with Cardi, it made for an unbeatable couple moment.