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Thanksgiving Travel : Tips to remain healthy while traveling this Thanksgiving

Tis the period of holiday travel, family and food; and specialists express it’s a significant time to consider germs.

Sylvia Forester with the Perry County Health Department said everybody is in danger of becoming ill during the holidays.

“During the holiday season if you’re traveling in an airport or going to a large family gathering you’re going to be around more people in a confined space,” Forester said.

Forester said on the off chance that you plan on going via plane ensure you are forward-thinking on your shots.

“We are at the beginning of flu season. It’s very important that you do have your flu vaccine,” she said.

Traveler Debbie Weiss said she generally contemplates how germs are spread particularly on planes.

“The plane was full of Austin to Dallas and you just think about all the germs within a confined space,” she said. “I always make sure that I carry hand sanitizer, I always have hand sanitizer in my purse and attached to my backpack.”

Weiss said her greatest dread is spreading them to a relative, so she remains mindful when voyaging.

“My father being in a nursing home it’s very important to not bring germs in a facility where people have lesser immune systems,” she said.

Forester said it’s anything but difficult to avert becoming ill, simply recall the basics: remain hydrated, eat well, get a lot of rest, wash your hands and cover your cough.

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