Super Bowl fashion 2020: A overview of those standout looks from the halftime show

Regardless of whether you didn’t observe the last night’s Super Bowl LIV, you most likely know at this point the Kansas City Chiefs bested the San Francisco 49ers in Miami. Also, you most likely know which big names turned up in TV advertisements.

What’s more, on account of our music inclusion, you may have gotten the overview on what Shakira and Jennifer Lopez sang during the Pepsi-supported halftime show. In any case, what you may not know — and what we’re going to separate for you — is the provenance of the sparkly outfits they wore during the presentation.

Shakira’s opening look was custom Dundas, comprising of a fire-red trimmed bustier top matched with a removable girdle and bordered skirt, both canvassed in Swarovski precious stones (123,000 gems in three shades of red — all applied by hand, we’re told).

Decorating the look were crystal-embellished leather cuffs and knee-high boots by Daniel Jacob (a.k.a. Dan Life), whose prominent handiwork you may have as of late observed on-screen character Julia Butters at the Screen Actors Guild.

Later in the show, Shakira exchanged into another custom Dundas troupe that comprised of a plane coat shrouded in gold paillette weaving and gold and white Swarovski gems worn over a coordinating gold paillette crop top and combined with coordinating high-waisted hot jeans. Balancing the subsequent look was a couple of Dundas-redid Adidas Superstar sneakers.

Jennifer Lopez additionally figured out how to go through a couple various looks during her time on the halftime arrange — every one of them custom Versace. She initially showed up in front of an audience in a Swarovski precious stone and gold-studded biker-enlivened dark cowhide Medusa bodysuit combined with a pink glossy silk ballgown skirt, the last of which was significantly ripped off to uncover dark calfskin chaps. (JLo’s artists additionally wore dark cowhide biker coats, theirs matched with creased miniskirts cut in dark lace.)

Clearly not substance to have one midperformance ensemble change, Lopez changed it up a subsequent time, hurdling off her biker calfskin hope to uncover a body-embracing custom silver catsuit shrouded in precious stones and little reflected boards.

For the halftime-show finale, Lopez shut things by venturing into a metal work and crystal-fringed bustier with bondage-harness subtleties and tossing a feathered banner fold over her shoulders. The outside of the cape portrayed the U.S. banner, with within intended to look like the Puerto Rican banner. What’s more, indeed, on the off chance that you were pondering, the two sides were intensely adorned with, you got it, Swarovski crystals.

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