League of Legends, Patch 9.23 ‘Rise of Elements’ Highlights, Notes and Rundown by Scairtin

First patch of the preseason heading towards season 10 is live now. Riot Games has released the patch notes a few days ago. It has officially launched the pre-season. During the first couple of days of the new patch, ranked rewards for the earlier season will be handed out. There are two changes in the preseason i.e. the elemental drakes and the alcoves adding more variety in the game. As soon as the second elemental drake dies, the map transforms on a permanent basis. It largely depends on the 3rd type of the Drake and then again, when the map changes, all the future drakes will just be the same as the 3rd type.

  1. Infernal Rift (3rd Drake Infernal Drake) – brushes near red and blue buff burn away; new pathways open up.
  2. Mountain Rift (3rd Drake Mountain Drake) – two new bluffs of rock emerge in each jungle quadrant and a unique rock formation forms in front of the drake pit.
  3. Ocean Rift (3rd Ocean Drake) – most of the bushes in the jungle grow more massive and new Honeyfruit spawns near the buff camps.
  4. Cloud Rift (3rd Cloud Drake) – air current flows through the jungle, increasing the movement speed of everyone passing through them.

The alcoves are added in the top lane while the bot lane are added enabling the outplaying potential to the players. Now the elemental drakes will provide a Dragon soul once the team kills four of those. The dragon soul is powerful buff. The main goal of the dragon soul is to enable the players who are ahead of winning the game harder. Also it is meant to encourage focusing on the first dragons. No longer will we see the elder dragon to increase the effects of the current Drake buff; but as compensation the true damage will be increased.  

The quality of life changes has been enhanced in a way that buffs granted by the objectives around the rift are standardized and more transparent for the opponents and wearer to see. The duo lane experience has been lowered. It is to encourage the more roaming. On the other hand, the experience for solo laners has been increased. This leads to a significant level discrepancy between these both.

The jungle is seen to be changed where the camps will grant lower experience. In season 9, the big issue was the long respawn rate of camps, enabling the junglers to focus their undivided attention towards the laners. The experience changes of the jungle are focused at punishing the junglers who refuse to farm. They experience the camp lanes alone. In harder levels, they will be falling behind to junglers as compared to who will be balancing out the farming and ganking.

Support items are also changed. They will not be upgraded with gold. The player will have to earn it with item to upgrade to a higher tier. In short, League of Legends, Patch 9.23 ‘Rise of Elements’ Highlights, Notes and Rundown by Scairtin is all set to come out and amuse the gamers.

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