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Latimer Suggests The Expansion of Charging Facilities for EVs.

New legislation has passed into the Council of Legislators to motivate more citizens to start driving electric and hybrid motor cars in Westchester as part of the rise in the number of electric car charging points.

County Executive George Latimer has recently presented proposals calling for more facilities in the city-operated lots and facilities developed through a local tax incentive scheme such as the IDA, on Wednesday.

Under the proposal, the county car parks and open parking areas that have at least 250 spaces would have 10% of spots fitted with Level 1 charging points and another ten percent of the spaces positioned with electric chargers at Level 2.

There would also be 25 Level 1 and Level 2 chargers on parking areas with even more than 250 spaces, each covering 50 spaces.

Latimer said the push would be to build facilities that would promote and encourage the purchasing of electric and hybrid cars, which are becoming increasingly popular for the protection of the environment.

“This means we need the facilities so that a person with one of these cars will realize that charging stations are accessible when they are parking in a Westchester County parking garage,” said Ms. Latimer. She said so at North White Plains Metro-North county parking lots, where ten charging stations recently opened up.

The bill was submitted to the Legislator’s Board on January 21 and was forwarded to various committees, said County Legislator Vedat Gashi (D-Yorktown), one of the county officials who had been gathering to promote the program.

The announcement is only a week after Latimer revealed that Westchester would play its part in addressing the climate crisis through its Food Scrap Recycling system. Transportation adds up to 1/3 of all greenhouse emissions, said Energy Conservation & Sustainability Administrator of the City, Peter McCartt.

“This is a wonderful moment, a lot needs to come out clearly, and fortunately, County Executive Latimer is here,” said McCartt. “He has the will to do it politically, and he’s doing it.”

The lots at the County Center, Maplewood, Hudson Highlands, Dunwoodie and Mohansic Golf courses, and also Saxon Woods Pool were among the places proposed for the chargers should the bill be approved, Latimer said.

A day after the county heard that Latimer is getting $3 million in state grants to help the county transform its whole BEE-LINE bus system into hybrids by 2025, Latimer’s statement regarding charging stations arrives. The county saved over $1 million in fossil fuel in 2019 due to a partial collection of hybrids.

“The climate crisis will get a solution by thousands of actions, and the County Government, will not make such decisions on its own, but in general,” said Latimer. “It will be carried out by people. Each of us must see how we work, how we carry out our daily lives, and how changes are to occur.