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JDaGr8 Spazzes On New Single Stay Established

As soon the beat drops, Houston rapper JDaGr8 aggressively runs with the logic of needing to keep grinding and hustling hard to make it happen. His voice is powerful and you feel his energetic charisma right away. 

He has collaborated in the past with Baton Rouge all-star NBA Youngboy and has not looked back since. Other collaborations include social media star, Chris Sails & and other artists Kaleb Brown & Sabotaj. 

The hook is bouncy and catchy. That, along with the energy that he keeps throughout the entire 4-minute song is impressive in it’s own. This song serves a good dose of “pick me up” if you were lacking for whatever reason. 

Aside from his new single, another thing to admire about JDaGr8 is his love for his city and the giving back that goes into it. He has been very active on the side of giving back because it’s something he feels like is a necessity to do. In his respect, he is a hometown hero. Coming from the bottom in a city such as Houston is no easy feat. 

JDaGr8 is definitely keeping his momentum rolling with this new single and we can’t wait until we hear more. You can hear the Houston influence along with the trapped out drums and build-ups that blend effortlessly with his lyrics. If you haven’t already, make sure you go check out JDaGr8’s new single, “Stay Established” on all streaming platforms now. 


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