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Industrial Valve Market 2016 Analysis and Technological Innovation by Leading Key Players 2022

The Global Industrial Valve Market is predominantly propelled by the developing economies. With the development of economies, the population and urbanization boost affecting the growth of infrastructural projects. This increment has pushed major world powers like China and India in expanding their Infrastructural projects, which includes Desalination plants and power generation plants, which mostly requires types of equipment for fluid control.

Presently due to the fluctuating oil prices (mostly low), the refineries capture a lot of profits and in turn, the demand for the same is skyrocketing along with lower costs for feedstock. Consequently, the fall in China’s economy has lowered demand for various industries, which includes the valve industries as well.

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The Global Industrial Valve Market has been following a steady growth rate throughout and the trend is projected to reach a CAGR of XX% by 2022. Currently, with the growth of Wastewater Treatment Industry, the Industrial Valve Market has a pretty strong lifeline. The rise in population density in urban areas has to lead to an increased requirement for fresh and high-quality water. Although these needs have been catered to the common masses through various well-developed water treatment plants but the handling procedures by the distribution facilities result in contaminating the water during the transportation contradicting the initial cause.

This will coerce the Government into improving the Water treatment infrastructures across the Globe. As a result, the growth of the Industrial valve market will be cemented since these valves are significant parts to monitor and control the water transportation and treatment procedures.

Market Segmentation

The Global Industrial Valve Market is segmented on the basis of two components namely: Product types, and End-user industry.
– Segmentation based on Product types includes Quarter-turn valves, Multi-turn valves, Actuators and Control Valves. The Quarter-turn valves have been dominating the Industrial valves market through its major shares due to factors such as generic design and affordability and the continuous need of valves in the water treatment plants is prophesized to be the contributing factor in the growth of this segment.

– And Segmentation based on End-user industry includes Oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, mining and minerals, and Chemicals. In this segmentation, the Oil and gas industry is projected to be the potential major revenue engaging industry in the market. This can be forecasted based on the increased investments in pipelines as well as the exploration of new oil and gas fields in countries like Africa.

Regional/Geographic Analysis

The Industrial Valve Market is divided by geography into Europe, North-America, South-America, Middle-East Africa and Asia-Pacific. Highlighting the increased investment in pipelines, the Middle-East, North-America and the Asia-Pacific can be considered as the rapidly growing regions in the globe.

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The Industrial valves market’s growth opportunities mainly reside in the African and Middle-East regions because of the expanding oil and gas pipelines and, manufacturing capacities. Other than that, the industrial market is currently hampered due to the price war among vendors and Government regulations and policies, which can only be lifted by product differentiation and production of margin valves. Following the solution, the market can be adapted to vulnerability and competition.

Key Players

Some of the major players in the market include:
Pentair Ltd.
Flowserve Corporation
Emerson Electric Co.
FMC Technologies
L&T Valves Ltd.
Curtiss-Wright Corp.

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