D.Beezy talks about the upcoming single “Track Meet”

American Rapper D.Beezy talks about his upcoming release “Track Meet”

American Rapper and Recording Artist D.Beezy is about to release the last single before he begins working on his new EP that is set to release in April. His new song “Track Meet” will be the last single released for his mixtape but will also be on all streaming platforms including his verified Pandora Music Radio station. We got to ask D.Beezy about the new single and even got a sneak peak before the official release and let me tell you, it’s a banger!

He actually produced this song himself, saying “You know I’ve messed around with beat making in the past and it was hard, it still is hard but I recently sold my old equipment to get some new gear and I just had a lot of time on my hands and I made about 3 solid tracks that I plan to record over and “Track Meet” just happens to be one of them.”

The beat begins with some nice bells in a really catchy melody and then the trap style 808s just take over while the strings come in and overlay the bell melody really nicely. D.Beezy polishes it off with his “In Your Face Vocals”. We don’t want to give away to much of the song but he did allow us to elaborate on his lyrics a little bit while explaining some of the meaning of the song to us. He references “Went Drake on the beat with the tempo” with an ad-lib in the back that followed and said “101” and we asked him about that “It’s literally just like I said in the song, Went Drake with the tempo. Drakes song “Money In the Grave” is set at 101 BPM and that is exactly what I set the temp to “Track Meet” to when I made the beat.”

We asked if Drakes song influenced “Track Meet” and he said it did in away. “I really liked the bounce the 101 BPM had in the song, it seemed like it was a really nice tempo to ride the beat.”

He went on to talk later about someone being “Fly” overseas but not making it in the league and we asked D.Beezy what he was referencing when he said that and he laughed and said, “I’m just gonna let the people talk about that among themselves, they should know what that’s all about.”
We asked what the initial reasoning was behind the song and why he wanted to make it and he said that it was just an idea that hit him. Wasn’t any real purpose behind it unlike most of his other tracks. “I just liked the vibe of the beat and that’s what hit me first when I sat down to start writing.”

The song is set to release later on in the week and I promise you that you don’t want to miss it. D.Beezy is on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and anywhere else music can be streamed. Below we will link his Spotify.
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