Cris Tales Is Set To Launch In 2020, A Gorgeous Indie Love Letter To The JRPG Genre

Cris Tales is a game that comes with a unique aesthetic. It is a Japanese role-playing game. Cris Tales is a time-traveling game. It is available in 2D format. The screen has three exceptional sections. There is an area that represents the current timeline showing Cris Bell. There is another area on the left which shows the past time at the same location. The third area shows the future.

An interesting thing to note is that you see Cris Bell in all the three sections but she cannot move from one section to another. Her trusty Matias can freely move between the present and past scenarios. You can use the time-traveling powers of Cris Bell to leave your enemies behind. You can take them to the pastor to the present scenarios.

Cris Tales is inspired by JRPG genre games which are admired by millions of game players all over the world. There are simple tasks and missions you have to accomplish. The game uses the classic Active Time battle system. There are basic attacks, defensive guards and defensive guards you can use. The time-traveling element of the game makes it an interesting one. The time-traveling mechanics allow you to play the game tactfully.

As we welcome the year 2020, the developers of the game Cris Tales are revealing unique information about the game which is going to be released in 2020. They have revealed the new abilities of Crish Tales. The game is set to launch in 2020. Fans have started talking about the amazing graphics of the game.  The developers have incorporated the Crystallis world in the game which is inspired by the real-life world of Crystallis.

The players have to face new challenges that are present in all the three different scenarios of the game. The streets are covered by floods and witness heavy rain. You need to find higher ground levels to keep yourself safe from the rain.

Together with Wilhelm and Matias, Crisbell attacks the enemies. They have toxic powers to destroy the opponents. Wilhelm possesses the power of Yukadragoras. Their combo attack is very demoralizing for the enemies. The combination of Wilhelm and Matias’s power helps you beat the opponents. To win the game Crispell has to cross the four kingdoms along with Crystallis to rewrite the future of the world. She has to deal with powerful enemies to reach her destination. There are a lot of new things to discover along with the various environments. The game comes with a timeless charm. You can clearly see that by watching the trailer of the game.

The game is mindfully created for game enthusiasts and opens up a new world for Crisbell to be explored. The developers of the game have not yet revealed the date of the game.  However, it is expected to be released in the beginning of 2020. It is likely to release in the first quarter of the year.

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