Yamaha team welcomed a new joiner: Mohanad Banbouk (21)  who joined Yamaha UAE Dubai head office and will be racing on Yamaha raptor 700

He will be racing in the main quad bikes races all around the united arab emirates on a limited edition Raptor700 

His next race will be UAE desert quad race second week of may.

Mouneeb (Middle east manager of Yamaha UAE) said : we always welcome new joiners when we see ambition and power in their eyes and I really think that Banbouk will succeed ,the first time I saw him on our raptor was by chance in the desert and he was riding a bike like if he is playing a game on playstation , so I hope it will be a coming successful years for him and us

Yamaha is a well known international company specialized in sport bikes and water sports ,UAE distributor is Alyousf Motors

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