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Automotive Night Vision System Market Is Projected To Grow At A Moderate CAGR During The Period 2017-2022

Automotive night vision system (hereon referred to as ANVS) is a safety system that is equipped to a car which helps driver to see the road ahead clearly, thereby reducing the chance of accidents and in effect increasing road safety. It was first introduces in 1988, but with increase in road accidents, people are becoming more aware of this technology and looking to buy cars equipped with this system.

Market is primarily dominated by luxury car manufacturers from Europe and America. The increase in awareness among people, who buy regular cars about this safety technology is a major driver in this market. Also with the new integration of adaptive front lightings to ANVS is going help drive the market growth in the coming years. With improvement in existing technology and increased road accidents, people are more convinced that they would much safer, if their car is equipped with this technology.

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This safety system was previously only came equipped to premium cars, but now a days the demand for them has increased and car manufacturers are adding this feature to regular cars too. This helps not just during night time, it comes in handy even during bad weather. This safety system increases the range of visibility of the driver, which is not attainable by regular headlights of the vehicle.

End users are automotive manufacturers. Technology includes various components but primary component includes infrared sensors. Infrared sensors are the key to whole technology as they sense the heat of the surroundings and display a clear image in contrast to the driver on a monitor. All most all high end premium car brands use this technology and researchers estimate that this technology will be fully available in all mid-range cars by 2022.

Market Segmentation
They are segmented based on technology and geography. Based on technology there are two types of ANVS, Active ANVS and Passive ANVS. Active ANVS uses sensors that detect light reflected from surfaces of objects, which are beyond human visibility range to form an image. Whereas passive ANVS detects the heat emitted by objects i.e., thermal radiations, which in fact is more effective than active ANVS.

Though passive ANVS has its own drawbacks like, decrease in accuracy during warm weather, it still benefits from high contrast for animals and pedestrians.Geographically, the Night Vision Systems market can be divided into 5 major regions namely- North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Among these the market is dominated by Europe followed by North America and Asia-Pacific.

Regional/Geographic Analysis
Predominantly, ANVS existed only in the luxury range of cars which were majorly manufactured by European countries and America. As this system was equipped only in luxury vehicles, the market was limited to developed countries in Europe, America and few other regions like Japan, Australia etc., but with ANVS entering into mid-range segment a whole new market is open to be explored. Especially the developing countries like China and India will create a huge market for this technology.

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This market has a few dominant players in luxury car segments. But various factors, like awareness among people about increased road safety, stringent government rules will help in rapid growth of this technology in the next few years. Also there will be high demand in developing economies like India and china, because of improved economic conditions, growing safety concern and increased demand for automobiles.

Also a major player named Autoliv, has wide product portfolio of various car accessories including active safety systems, coupled with wide presence in global market will play a significant role in NVS market.

Key Players
The leading key players in ANVS market are Autoliv (Sweden), Bendix Commercial Vehicles Systems (Germany), Robert Bosch (Germany), TRW Automotive (U.S.).Some other players in the market include Continental, Delphi Automotive, FLIR Systems, Raytheon, Valeo.

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