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After Match fixing bookie arrests, Power Sportz flagship show goes off air

Asreported earlier that many bookies have been arrested nation-wide after a bookie confessed about the match fixing in Indian Cricket and Domestic Football. This plain looking matter seems to take ugly turn, as, Power Sportz flagship show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” has allegedly been gone off the air. 

However, no solid reasons have been reported by the sports channel, but it is no brainer that this major change has occurred due to the Bookie’s confession on Power Sportz’ show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” where he evealed about the match fixing in Indian cricket & football. Also, he quoted examples of players being troubled if they do not adhere to the match fixing instructions. Well, things seems to have drastically changed for Power Sportz also. Though it is not for the first time it is happening, earlier when Ms. Kanthi D Suresh disclosed about doping in sports fraternity, then also there was a shut down for a short period. 

But is it really because of the confusion that broke out, after the last show of Talking Turkey with Kanthi the flagship program goes off air or has Kanthi D Suresh been asked or threatened to not to go on air?

Because an insider has different story altogether. According to an inside source Ms Kanthi D Suresh has not been in office and is perhaps unwell, owing it to the high pollution levels currently in the capital region

Let us wait for another week to know the truth!!

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