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A Russian satellite appears to be following a United States of America spy satellite in Earth orbit

A satellite from Russia has deployed itself uneasily near a United States of America spy satellite in the Earth orbit. This has led to space trackers speculating that the distant vehicle is performing some snooping on its own.  

The Russian spaceship is destined to inspect other satellites and engineers in the space community trust that it might currently be keeping a watchful eye on these creative vehicles of the United States of America, however, the inspiration behind this in space stalking still not known. 

The whole of January, unprofessional trackers have been spying on the weird behavior of the Russian investigation named Kosmos 2542. Send off in November in the previous year; Kosmos 2542 has been circling in the same plane as a satellite functioned by the  named USA 245, which has been in the space since the year 2013. 

The NRO is an agency of the military that focuses on surveillance and works on a large swath of confidential satellites that believed to spy on locations all over the world.  This then makes it probable that USA 245 doing something the United States might want to keep as a furtive. The fact that the two satellites are in the same craft is not enough to raise fright, although; the satellites only passed close by each other every ten days or more. 

They raise many notions but do not verify anything since there are many varied satellites in that particular plane. This was a statement emailed by Michael Thompson, a graduate and subordinate lecturer at Purdue University specializing satellites and astrodynamics

Kosmos 2542 attracted specifically thoughtfulness during last week when it did several military exercises using aboard propellers to extend adjacent to USA 245. Currently, Kosmos 2542 is close to the USA 245 all the time. Thompson stated that the Russian satellite was in continual sight of its United States mark for almost two weeks from now. The two satellites range from 140 to 300 kilometers apart at any time, which in essence makes them neighbors in the gigantic location of low Earth orbit. Kosmos 2542 is slowly moving away, although it will within a straight line of view of USA 245 for weeks or extend to months. 

Thompson unveiled this information in a twitter thread. However, the team in due course has no idea of why Kosmos 2542 make all those movements, although professionals say that one satellite is trailing the other.