Lorentz National Park in Indonesia: Google doodle Celebrating ‘Lorentz National Park’

Google today, on December 4, celebrates the anniversary of Lorentz National Park in Indonesia with a stunning doodle. Once in the past known as Irian Jaya, this is the biggest national park in South-East Asia.

This massive nature sanctuary, traversing more than 9,600 square miles (around 24,864 square kilometers), is situated in the Papua area, directly at the crossing point of two colliding continental plates.

The Lorentz National Park contains a few environments, including grasslands, swamps, sea shores, rainforests, and snow capped mountains bested by uncommon tropical glaciers. Its most renowned mountain, Puncak Jaya, is the tallest top in Southeast Asia.

Prestigious for biodiversity, its different atmospheres are home to a abundance of creatures, including tree kangaroos and tigers, numerous types of rare birds like the Pesquet’s parrot found in the present Doodle, and anomalies like the echidna – a “spiny anteater” mammal that lays eggs. It’s additionally home to in any event seven indigenous human ethnic groups, all living as per customs going back a huge number of years.

Named after Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz, a Dutch explorer who visited the territory in 1909, the park was built up by the Indonesian government in 1997.

While compromised by logging, poaching, and pollution, the Lorentz National Park is thoroughly ensured by the World Wildlife Federation and UNESCO, which has assigned it a World Heritage Site. It’s an informal miracle of the world, containing a lot more wonders within.

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