Google Doodle celebrated Professor Rapee Sagarik’s 97th Birthday: Who is Professor Rapee Sagarik?

The present Doodle celebrates horticulturalist and botanist Professor Sagarik on the 97th anniversary of his birth in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

Who is Rapee Sagarik?

Rapee was born in Bangkok, on December 4 1922.

Generally known as the “father of Thai orchids,” Professor Sagarik was additionally later president at Bangkok’s Kasetsart University and furthermore served on the Faculty of Agriculture at Maejo University in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

He is viewed as Thailand’s foremost master in the rearing and conservation of these delicate, wonderful plants.

Initially viewed as a pastime for the wealthy, orchid-becoming turned out to be progressively available thanks partially to Professor Sagarik’s research and education endeavors.

He established the Orchid Society of Thailand in 1957 and later turned into a normal speaker at the World Orchid Conference.

In 1984, he composed the main Asia Pacific Orchid Conference and after nine years opened Thailand’s first orchid library.

Thailand is currently the world’s chief exporter of orchids, and huge numbers of the most mainstream assortments were reared from wild Thai orchids.

The place where there is smiles is home to about 1,300 local types of orchid.

He once stated: “These flowers are not like the ones you see every day, which blossom and then wither away.”

Rapee included that as the excellence of orchids is passed onto people in the future, he called the flowers “love in humankind.”

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